About Us

Adhering to our values, professional ethics and principles, we have a history of 50 years.

In our 50-year history;
- We changed our Production Facilities
- We changed our production infrastructure by improving it
- We changed the functions and features of our products.

There was only one thing that did not change: Our First Day's Perseverance, Our Sacrifice and Our Love and Devotion to each other and Our Country!

The 50th year is actually a new beginning for us, we think that we have all the skills we need to consolidate the experiences we have gained, to support the development of our country and the development of agricultural mechanization.
In addition to the development of our country with this excitement; We are a family that grows day by day with the goal of sustainable success, prioritizing ethical values, principles that give importance to people and the environment.

ÖZKAN MAKİNA was founded in 1970 by Mr. Ömer ÖZKAN; has been producing innovations for its customers for 50 years, always keeping up with high quality products and global developments for its customers.
Until 1994, in line with the demands of the customers, he produced special manufacturing machines, the design of which was completely his own.

Özkan Makina, which started to manufacture front loaders for tractors in 1994, has always achieved firsts in the sector with its R&D studies and has increased its product range day by day.

In 2004, for the first time in our country, the portable front loader, which can be assembled and disassembled in 1 minute, was manufactured by our company. Developing 5 different loader models mounted on tractors in the range of 50 hp to 150 hp at the end of 2005, Özkan Makina broke new ground in terms of product diversity in the sector. The products produced using CAD-CAM applications, ERP and advanced manufacturing technologies have made ÖZKAN MAKİNA a sought-after brand in the sector with its quality, superior designs and customer satisfaction. With the rapidly developing agricultural mechanization, the need for front loaders comes to the fore. The development of agricultural mechanization has also revealed the demands of different attachments that can be mounted on front loaders. Our company has proven its leadership in the sector in terms of attachment diversity, by rapidly meeting the demands of its customers with the manufacture of 32 different attachments.


• To contribute to the development of agricultural mechanization with our high ethics, advanced technology and quality production.
• To be the first choice of our customers, thanks to our products, solutions, after-sales service, reliability and high business ethics.
• To provide sustainable developments by integrating R&D, production, sales and service activities.
• To be a company that constantly creates value for our customers, employees and our country.


We produce our products with the integration of advanced technology manufacturing technologies and ERP Enterprise Sourcing, and we are working hard to be beneficial to our customers and our country at the highest level.

We provide better service to our customers by managing procurement, production planning and quality control processes in the best way, and we offer quality products by using advanced manufacturing technologies. We aim at maximum customer satisfaction with our CMM and laser scanning supported quality control process.


Özkan Makina
Ziraat Aletler San. Sit.
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© 1970 - 2019 Özkan Makina Sanayii. All rights reserved.
© 1970 - 2019 Özkan Makina Sanayii. All rights reserved.